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All of Your Money Etiquette Questions Will Be Addressed by GOBankingRates

All of Your Money Etiquette Questions Will Be Addressed by GOBankingRates

Have you ever wondered how much to tip when service is bad? Or if you have to tip every time you’re presented with an iPad at the checkout counter? Should you charge your friends for professional favors? And can you ask your closest friends how much money they make?

GOBankingRates is answering these questions and more in our latest franchise, “Your Biggest Money Etiquette Questions Answered,” which builds on our existing “Modern Money Etiquette” column. Through a series of informative interviews with etiquette experts, financial advisors, and travel pros, GOBankingRates is providing readers with a complete guide to tricky financial scenarios covering everything from gift-giving to tipping on vacation.

“Money is still a pretty taboo topic, and it can be awkward and uncomfortable to navigate the various scenarios where money and your personal life intertwine. Through ‘Your Biggest Money Etiquette Questions Answered,’ we’re providing readers with helpful tips and tools to make these situations a little less stressful,” said Gabrielle Olya, Lead Writer, and Editor at GOBankingRates.

The franchise also features exclusive survey data on Americans’ tipping behaviors, attitudes about sharing salary information, and more.

“While conducting the survey for this franchise, I was shocked to find that 80% of Americans have never asked their friends or co-workers how much money they make, and a quarter of Americans have hidden a large purchase from their partner or spouse,” said Andrew Murray, Lead Content Data Researcher at GOBankingRates. “There seems to be a stigma around talking about money, yet we all have these questions surrounding money and personal finance that we all need answers and reassurances on. Hopefully, this franchise can provide our readers with the answers and guidance they are seeking.”

“Your Biggest Money Etiquette Questions Answered” is one more way GOBankingRates aims to inform and empower our readers throughout their financial journeys.

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