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FinTech Automation Has Been Named One of the Financial Technology Report’s Top 100 Financial Technology Companies


FinTech Automation (“FTA”) has been named to The Financial Technology Report’s list of Top 100 Financial Technology Companies of 2022. The Financial Technology Report develops the list through feedback from industry professionals and looks for technological advancement that creates an ecosystem allowing businesses to work more collaboratively and ultimately put more financial control in the hands of companies, business owners, and consumers.

The pioneering companies named on the list have proven to be nimbler than their traditional financial services predecessors, often finding white spaces in personal and commercial finance and providing faster, more streamlined, and highly individualized services. In today’s connected environment, financial solutions need to be accessible, uncomplicated, and robust in order to support a complex global economy.

With the rapid adoption of open banking (i.e., consumer-permissioned data access) and digital tools across financial services experiences, FTA has developed its open banking platform that is transforming the way businesses are able to process transactions and offer additional services to consumers. Using specialized compliance technology, the platform provides security along with critical compliance oversight and anti-money laundering safeguards.

“With the dramatic rise of open banking, and as we move from the information to the digital age, how we move information is as important as the data itself,” said David Park, CEO at Fintech Automation. “FinTech Automation understands this and is the key to that movement.”

FinTech Automation is dedicated to building a fully digital financial experience with little to no code. The FTA UniFi Platform is the foundational component – or building block – to help firms drive innovation and business growth without worrying about the technology that supports it. The UniFi platform offers banking, payments, compliance, and wealth management Software-as-a-Service applications, which are integrated with over 40 partners to offer analytics, databases, open banking, tools for application development, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotic process automation.

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