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Launch of Real-time Agent Assistance for Consumer Finance by Prodigal

Launch of Real-time Agent Assistance for Consumer Finance by Prodigal

Prodigal, the leader in Consumer Finance Intelligence, today announced a new frontier for loan servicing and collections: ProAssist, the AI-powered real-time agent assistant designed to humanize and personalize every financial conversation.

The first and only real-time agent assistance application for financial services, ProAssist directly responds to longstanding needs in loan servicing and collections: increasing costs of business, expanding regulations, customer experience requirements, and difficulties in hiring and retaining agents.

Of course, focusing on consumer experience isn’t a new requirement. Lenders know how critical this can be during loan origination but may fall flat on providing the same experience during servicing and collections.

With assistance, Prodigal furthers its commitment to be the connective tissue linking players across the lending value chain, while positively impacting every borrower.

“Consumer psychology is the driving factor in loan servicing and collections. Put simply, conversations are only successful when they’re personalized,” said Shantanu Gangal, CEO and Founder of Prodigal.

By listening for hundreds of potential call situations and evaluating sentiment, ProAssist generates real-time, in-conversation recommendations to guide agents toward effectiveness, customer satisfaction, and compliance.

Prodigal clients are already seeing benefits in effectiveness — and in compliance, with the virtual elimination of failed verifications and missed mini-Miranda disclosures.

 “Using ProAssist, we’ve seen a jump in payments, and up to a 25% increase in other critical agent effectiveness areas,” said Paul Allen, Chief Operations Officer at FFAM360.

“Our customers are the heart of our operations. assist lets us keep that commitment by helping our agents be more empathetic and in the moment,” said Allen.

Nayarit Bhattacharya, Product Lead, Applications at Prodigal, agrees.

“ProAssist is a paradigm shift in consumer finance intelligence. While acting as a tap-on-the-shoulder smart guide for every agent on the floor, ProAssist is learning from successful conversations, considering emotions, and identifying personas to recommend highly effective personalized talk tracks,” Bhattacharya said.

“We’re proud to combine ProAssist with our ProNotes and ProVoice apps to help our clients unlock more powerful insights – and steer conversations toward their strategic business goals.”

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