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Maxi Expands With Pin4 Money Transfer Service in the US

Maxi Expands With Pin4 Money Transfer Service in the US

Maxi has launched a new service for its customers to send money within the USA. In partnership with Pin4, this is the first Agent-to-ATM domestic remittances service available within Maxi’s large portfolio of safe and convenient money transfer alternatives.

Maxi (Maxitransfers LLC) serves US-based immigrant communities in the money remittances space, annually managing billions of dollars in low-cost, easy, and safe money transfers from the United States to destinations across Latin America and Asia.

With the launch of the Pin4 service, Maxi now also offers customers quick and easy Agent-to-ATM transfers through more than 20,000 independent ATMs across the US.

“At Maxi, we want to keep making it simpler, safer, and more affordable for our customers to send money to their loved ones. Through this partnership with Pin4, our customers now have access to a frictionless and inexpensive domestic payment experience,” says Maxi CEO Gabriel Manjarrez. “We are excited to continue to serve all US immigrant communities with their money transfer and bill payment needs.”

With Pin4’s Cash Pick-Up™ service, customers can send money in person through any Maxi agent across the US. The beneficiary receives SMS confirmation and directions to the closest participating ATM, where they can withdraw the cash without the need for a card.

“Its clear demand is shifting more toward digital P2P methods in fund transactions,” says Richard Witkowski, CEO at Pin4 – a Fintech company that’s building a truly global cardless cash solution so that banks and businesses can deliver instant cash to their customers without cards or bank accounts. “Customers are increasingly dependent on technology but there are still so many underbanked individuals. Cash remains an important form of payment – well above debit and credit cards, online banking, and physical checks.

“We are excited to partner with Maxi, a money transfer company that excels at offering an outstanding, personalized experience to customers. Maxi and Pin4 share the vision to offer a safe and secure way for anyone to access cash in this digital financial world.”

Maxi’s domestic money transfer service is the latest in a range of new upcoming products offered by the company, says Susan Salgado, VP of Marketing and New Products.

“Maxi recently added debit card acceptance for transfers, and introduced remittances to new Asian destinations. Now, by adding domestic transfers, Maxi continues to boost its relevance to the immigrant communities that it serves, providing its customers with an increasing number of essential financial services.”

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