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To Continue Assisting Hong Kong SMEs and Startups, Airwallex Has Pledged an Additional HK$2.25 Million

To Continue Assisting Hong Kong SMEs and Startups, Airwallex Has Pledged an Additional HK$2.25 Million

Following the successful launch of its Hong Kong Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Initiative earlier this year, leading fintech platform Airwallex announces its plans to provide further support for the city’s SME and startup community. Airwallex will commit an additional HK$2.25 million to the initiative, raising its total commitment to HK$4.5 million this year.

The last few years have tested the resilience, determination, and endurance of businesses in Hong Kong,” said Arnold Chan, General Manager, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia at Airwallex. “We are encouraged to see some SMEs on their path to recovery, but recognize many more still face challenges ahead. This additional rollout of initiatives aims to provide relief in areas where so many SMEs continue to struggle. We hope the additional support we provide will help make a difference for Hong Kong’s SME and startup community.”

The newly launched relief measures are available starting today and include:

  • Rental Support: Compared to other major cities in the Asia-Pacific region, Hong Kong has the highest average rent for prime office space. As a major fixed cost for SMEs, Airwallex has partnered with office and warehouse space providers and an online rental payment platform to provide assistance and better options for rent payments.
  • Integrated Logistics Support: The pandemic continues to impact global logistics and is having to contend with major disruptions and inefficient costs. Together with international transportation services company FedEx, and Hong Kong’s leading technology logistics platform GOGOX, Airwallex will provide discounts and cashback on various delivery and shipping options.
  • Marketing Operations Workshops: In partnership with Google Ads, FedEx, and GOGOX, Airwallex is continuing to offer webinars and mentorship to SMEs over the course of the next months to upskill businesses looking to grow their business.

Airwallex first rolled out its SME initiative in April and saw more than 450 of its SME customers benefit from the initiative. As one of today’s fastest-growing financial technology companies, Airwallex offers a wide range of products and offerings in Hong Kong, including its Airwallex Borderless Cards, online card payments solution, and expense management platform.

Stephen Leung, WeWork Head of Hong Kong and Taiwan

“Flexibility and cost efficiency are now top priorities as companies are dealing with a fast-evolving business environment. Under the new normal, WeWork is committed to supporting businesses of all sizes with our flexible products, and through continuously innovating and introducing new solutions tailored to the market’s needs at the right time.”

Reeve Kwan, Co-founder of GOGOX

“The path to recovery for many businesses has just begun. Over the past few years, we are encouraged to see the continued entrepreneurial spirit of so many startups and SMEs in Hong Kong. Together with Airwallex, GOGOX will continue to support the local businesses, and also fuel their future growth via our efficient and agile logistics solutions to fulfill various logistics needs.”

Nellie Chan, Head of Google Customer Solutions Sales at Google Hong Kong

“We are glad to continue supporting the initiative by Airwallex that could help SMBs succeed in their digital journey. We will provide SMBs with digital marketing solutions and business productivity tools such as Google Ads and Google Workspace. This aligns with Google Hong Kong’s Smarter Digital City initiative, as we help businesses in Hong Kong accelerate technology adoption and implement efficient digital strategies, hence advance the city’s digital economy.”

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